Welcome to Winespider

Winespider is the wine evaluation system developed by Nick Chlebnikowski which has resulted from a mistrust of the current wine evaluation systems. Winespider is a simple, transparent system. Observations are reproducable thereby avoiding guess work. This is one of very few systems where you can see how and why a wine's rating was reached.

Since the public launch in 2008, the Winespider system has attracted vistors from all corners of the globe. Recently, Domenic Cicchetti, a Senior Research Scientist and Biostatistician at Yale University, Connecticut together with his brother Arnold, were researching wine rating scales, and assessing their utility for producers, consumers and oenologic researchers. The final product of their research was published in the International Journal of Wine Research, and featured seven different wine rating systems, including Winespider. You can download the article in .pdf format to read yourself by clicking here.

October 2009 Update; Site renovations are now complete. We're in the process of uploading the final wines assessed by Nick Chlebnikowski (1946-2009), and moving on to those being assessed by his eldest son Simon Chlebnikowski. Winespiders are more accessible than ever.  More specific listing of closures is a new feature incorporated into the entries. All wines assessed from now on will have this recorded - many past wines have been entered as (stelvin) or nothing, usually indicating cork. Wines listed in the "search spiders" page are the most recent additions. Our search feature has been updated, and is now much easier to use.

Further updates to the system are in the pipeline. Stay tuned.